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Brand Managment

47% of Brands are Seeing 7x ROAS with Amazon Advertising, Are You?

Brands on Amazon are seeing at least a 7x return on their Amazon advertising spend (ROAS). Furthermore, with the shift to more integrated omni-channel selling, and better attribution and analytics, it is becoming more obvious that Amazon ads are actually driving offline sales as well.

Amazon Product Reviews

Reading Amazon Product Reviews for Entertainment and Insights

When it comes to Amazon product listing creation and optimization, there are many tools available to help you do the job right. But, out of all the keyword tools and listing tools out there, one tool is by far the most underutilized and underappreciated – The customer product review.

Amazon Sales Funnel

3 Basic Marketing Strategies Most-Overlooked on Amazon

When it comes to success on Amazon, there are thousands of “gurus” with millions of tactics that claim to guarantee top page ranks, thousands or reviews, and millions in sales. The problem is, that many of these so-called “gurus” have very limited experience on Amazon and are only interested in one thing… You’re money.

Building a Brand on Amazon

Building a brand on Amazon is done one block at a time

Building a brand is a complicated business. It starts with understanding the market. It requires development of quality products that address real needs in that market. And, it takes a lot of work and momentum to get noticed and to stay relevant.

Traditionally, building a brand has involved spending a lot of money on awareness campaigns, accompanied by giving away a lot of product away before sales start to catch up and turn into profits.

Fortunately, in the information age, the amount of time it takes to build a brand and launch profitable products has decreased dramatically.

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Why Do You Need an Amazon Optimization Specialist?

Selling on Amazon seems like the most simple thing in the world.  They practically allow anyone with a pulse to get an account.  It  only costs $39.99 per month for a “Professional” seller account.  You can literally sell almost anything on the platform, and Amazon provides the absolute highest number of active shoppers anywhere on the internet.

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