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DISCLAIMER: These are the tools and resources we use everyday to optimize listings, launch products, and stay on top of industry trends. While we do actually use these products and fully endorse them, we are legally obligated to disclose that we will receive compensation if you click on the links and buy the products. 

We use Helium 10 every day to perform keyword research, run reverse ASIN searches, write killer listings, and track search term rankings for our clients’ products. 

The Helium 10 Software Suite contains over a dozen tools that help us find high ranking keywords, identify trends, spy on competitors, and fully optimize product listings to increase sales exponentially.

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JumpSend is a tool we use a lot for product launches. JumpSend helps us get more sales, more reviews, and increase our organic ranking with promotions and intelligent targeted email campaigns. 

We love the coupon delivery options that give us complete control over how many coupons get delivered, and when they get delivered. It also allows us to control the number of coupons delivered daily.  

Seller Labs is a suite of tools that we use for product and category research. Two of the tools we use most are Scope and Feedback Genius. 

Scope is a browser plugin that gives us incredible insight into a product’s sales, category statistics, competitor information and keywords used. 

Feedback Genius is another tool we use often to automate buyer communications and solicit feedback and reviews for products.

Jungle Scout helps us centralize our product research using powerful exploration and tracking features. It allows us to launch and scale our clients’ Amazon businesses based on data-driven decisions.

In this QUICK START GUIDE we will show you:

  • How to determine the potential success of your brand on Amazon
  • How to identify which products to start with on Amazon
  • An itemized checklist for launching your first products on Amazon
  • How to accelerate profitability on Amazon
  • The Keys to long-term success of your brand on Amazon