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Partnership-Level Commitment to Your Success

With our full service account management packages, we put our money where our mouth is. Our performance-based pricing structures ensure we only get paid when you get paid. This kind of partnership-level commitment to success is what we are all about at KCS Marketing. Here are some of the features included in our full service packages, but we can also address any of the services individually. Just let us know how we can help!

Competitive Analysis

When evaluating a product, it is important to take a step back and evaluate the entire ecosystem in which the product is expected to thrive. This includes an analysis of the product category as well as detailed evaluations of the top competitors. From this analysis, we are able to understand what it takes for the product to succeed.

Keyword Research

The right keywords are crucial when it comes to search visibility. In order to put a product in front of the right audience, it is important to understand what problems the product solves. We start our keyword research with a high-level exploration of related search terms on Google before drilling down to more relevant product searches on Amazon. Next, we utilize cutting-edge keyword tools to compile comprehensive lists of search terms that can be used in listing creation as well as PPC campaigns. Finally, the most reliable keyword data comes after the product is launched from running sponsored ad campaigns.

Listing Creation and Optimization

Whether writing a listing from scratch, or optimizing an existing listing, the process is the same. It starts with competitive analysis and keyword research for optimal search visibility and ends with rock solid copy writing that converts visitors into buyers. There is a fine balance between keyword stuffing and engaging sales copy. Mastering this balance leads to massive success on Amazon. Services include Title, Bullets, Description, and Back-End Search Terms.

Listing Traffic and Product Reviews

When a product is launched on Amazon, it is buried deep below the surface. It is next to impossible to find most new products in search results. This is because Amazon has yet to rank the product and index it for certain search terms. We can help remedy this problem by driving traffic to new listings through social media and search engine marketing. Reviews also boost rankings, and we have mastered the several white-hat approaches to review generation. 

Brand Protection

Amazon’s Brand Registry is a valuable resource for protecting your brand on Amazon. Brand Registry allows access to exclusive marketing tools such as product video, A+ Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), a brand webstore, and an ever expanding suite of exclusive brand advertising tools. More importantly, Brand Registry allows you to gate your listings and block unauthorized or counterfeit sellers from poaching your sales, driving down prices and ruining your brand image.

Inventory Management

The worst enemy to the momentum of any product launch is an inventory stock-out. In tennis terms, this would be considered an “unforced error” and is totally avoidable. Managing your inventory levels and sales projections to avoid stock-outs can be tricky, but this is where our detailed, proprietary inventory reports become pivotal to your success. 

Detailed Reports and Analytics

If you want to improve your performance, you must first identify areas of deficiency. Our detailed reports and sophisticated analytics help us consistently and regularly identify areas of focus that can help increase sales and improve profitability. 

Cross-Channel Integration

We have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you connect your Shopify or Magento store with your other selling platforms such as Amazon, Walmart or EBay. There are services available that will allow you to seamlessly sync inventory and automatically fulfill orders across all channels, even if the inventory is warehoused at a competing fulfillment service. Let us work with you to develop an optimal selling and fulfillment strategy. 

Advertising Campaign Management

The main goal of a product advertising campaign is to increase sales. Sometimes this is done at the expense of profits. An effective, long-term ad strategy has to ensure that profits are realized and sustainable. A successful ad campaign starts with the right keywords and evolves through monitoring key performance indicators like Impressions, Click Through Rate (CTR), Cost per Click (CPC), and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Utilizing ad formats and placements that others overlook is also an important component of success. 

Coupon Distribution Campaigns

Facebook, Amazon, and other platforms have built-in tools that make coupon distribution campaigns easy and highly effective. Coupon campaigns are highly targeted. Every action is tracked and key metrics are reported so you can see the exact effectiveness of every campaign.

Sales Conversion Campaigns

Need a boost in sales? We can run highly targeted conversion campaigns that drive sales on your website or Amazon listing. Every action is tracked and key metrics are reported so you can see the exact effectiveness of every campaign.

Web Development

When it comes to e-commerce web development, you want an e-commerce expert, not just a programmer/developer. The biggest difference with KCS Marketing is that we know and understand the psychology behind buyer behavior, not just how to create a page that looks pretty. At the end of the day, you want a site that attracts visitors and converts them into sales. That’s what we do. 

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